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Security & Safety

On the Road & In the Water

  • Have you ever been broken down or had a flat on the highway?
  • Have you ever needed to call someone and found that your cell battery was dead?
  • Have you ever been adrift in your boat?

When an emergency strikes and you need to call for help, to attract the attention of police, emergency medical services or other civilians, the Disabled Auto Alert / Personal Emergency Beacon is the next best thing to a guaranteed response.

If you can't be found, you can't be helped.

You should use your caution lights, when appropriate, on the road. However, when you have a personal emergency and need help, Disabled Auto Alert is the solution!

In the water, when experiencing a boating crisis, your Personal Emergency Beacon is the best tool available to alert other vessels or the Coast Guard that you need immediate help.


A low tech solution in a high tech world.

Jacksonville FL, Nov.7, 2011 - If you find yourself in an emergency situation on the road or on the waterways, the powerful flashing Disabled Auto Alert / Personal Emergency Beacon will help to guide authorities, and emergency responders quickly to you.

Vice President Minerva Paxton weighs in on why every driver in America needs a Disabled Auto Alert; why every boating enthusiast should own a Personal Emergency Beacon: “Smart drivers are prepared drivers, whether it's a medical emergency in a car, motorboat or sail boat; or a flat tire or mechanical failure on the highway or waterways. Either way - you have to be seen for help to find you. $49.99 sounds like a lot of money, but this device will last for an entire lifetime - you never have to purchase another unit. If it breaks, it gets replaced with a new unit. That's a genuine Lifetime Guarantee - you only have to buy one in a lifetime, guaranteed!

This powerful, flashing Personal Emergency Beacon LED light lets others on the road or in the water know that you need help right away. The purple flashing light can be clearly seen for over ½ mile. The Advanced LED Display can be seen for greater distances than car blinkers, flares, or other emergency devices.

The Disabled Auto Alert is a compact (four AA) battery operated portable device that can be stored in the glove compartment or console of any vehicle. The device can also be plugged into any vehicle's dashboard power outlet. There is a magnet on the back of each unit which allows it to be attached to the exterior roof or door of any vehicle.

CEO Karl Griner summed it up succinctly when he said, “If a motorist becomes stranded on the roadway and does not have a cell phone, cell service or in car call service the driver can activate the Disabled Auto Alert and place it on the exterior of the vehicle, either on the roof or outer door. The same procedure applies to using the Personal Emergency Beacon in the water, on any boat or water craft, to attract help from the general public or rescue workers during a medical or mechanical boat emergency, severe weather, or when a craft is off course or lost.”

This LED emergency beacon's lifetime warranty guarantees that every customer will be sent a brand new replacement unit if the unit they purchased is not working properly, for any reason. This Personal Emergency Beacon is produced and assembled in the USA.


Uses - Auto & Boat

Flat Tires are a Top Cause of Auto Accidents

What would you do in an emergency? Are you safe by the side of the road? What if there is no safe place to pull over What if  you're caught in a flood?

Preventing Accidents Caused by Flat Tires

The Disabled Auto Alert's powerful flashing beacon is used to signal for help when stopping on the side of a highway or busy road as a result of a flat tire. This insures that fast moving, oncoming vehicles will take notice of the flashing beacon, and of the stationary car on the side of the road that is now in danger of being hit by a fast moving car or truck.

Can't Be Seen? You Won't Be Helped!

Signaling for Help on the Road

If you are stranded on the road with car trouble or trapped in a blizzard, hurricane or storm, you can switch on your Disabled Auto Alert beacon and attract help from motorists & emergency responders.

Attracting Help in a Parking Lot

If you are waiting for a tow truck or medical assistance in a crowded parking lot, your Disabled Auto Alert beacon will alert first responders. If first responders can't find you, they can't help you.

Signaling for Help in a Flood

If you are trapped on your roof or porch in a flood, emergency responders will spot your Disabled Auto Alert flashing beacon right away.

Attracting Help in Your Boat

If you are stranded in unknown waters with engine or radio trouble, or a medical emergency - and a storm is approaching - your Personal Emergency Beacon will show the Coast Guard or other crafts where you are.


Karl Griner and Minerva Paxton

Co-Founders Minerva and Karl

Our Mission

In 2009, Officer Karl Griner and partner Minerva Paxton decided to invent a simple, powerful LED beacon to help people in emergencies. They wanted to create a device that people could afford, and that would be effective at attracting help when help was really needed.

Both Mr. Griner and Mrs. Paxton had experienced personal emergencies on the road and saw for themselves that rear blinkers were not an effective way to attract help from other drivers or emergency responders. They worked with an experienced LED designer for over a year to create a unique LED beacon that would be powerful enough to be seen for a ½ mile at night and ¼ mile during daylight.

Karl Griner, CEO, Co-Founder

I was on the Police Force in Florida for 26 years, so I know a thing or two about disasters, emergencies and rescue operations.

If you find yourself in a natural disaster or in an emergency in your car, maybe you ran off the road or had to stop on a highway with a medical emergency and there is no one with you who can help; you need to be seen to be rescued.Continue reading...

Minerva Paxton, Co-Founder

The #1 reason I developed this product is the fact that I understand disabilities, being partially disabled myself. If folks with a disability get into trouble on busy road or highway - time is critical.

You don't have an hour for rescue workers or authorities to find you in a crowd, or a busy highway, or way-out in the water, deserted; or in a busy boating area where you may be waiting for help to arrive with a medical emergency or a mechanical emergency.Continue reading...